iPad Duct Tape Magnetic Jacket for 2, 3 and 4th gen.

Duct Tape. What proper geek doesn’t love the stuff? There have been many duct tape projects shown around the interwebs but the latest from coregeek.net takes the sticky stuff to a new level: iPad protection. That’s correct. If you’ve ever thought about wrapping your beloved iDevice in duct tape would be a cool idea, the iPad Duct Tape Magnetic Jacket (DTMJ) has got you covered.

This is no silly duct tape sleeve. The DTMJ is a full fledged, folio style case with built in typing prop and viewing stand. The DTMJ utilizes the power of magnets to keep the iPad 2/3/4 attached inside. These aren’t your run of the mill magnets either, they’re neodymium magnets that are super strong. Underneath the duct tape exterior is a lightweight, thin, yet durable plywood core. This is the same wood that is used to skin radio-controlled airplanes. Inside you find soft felt lining that caresses the iPad 2/3/4 perfectly. On the outer corners there are two safety tabs created by the process of 3D printing that keep the iPad 2/3 safe and secure. Neodymium magnets, airplane parts, 3D printing and duct tape; a geeks delight that equals one serious case.

• Unique colors and designs
• Integrated sleep/wake function
• Full front and back protection
• Easy, one handed, insert and removal
• Built-in angled typing prop and horizontal viewing stand
• Durable and light-weight plywood core
• Magnetic Clasp
• Felt Lining
• Handmade in the USA